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The Edson and Area Events website has been created to provide citizens and visitors a one-stop understanding of all non-profit events. All individuals and organizations using this free service must adhere to the following guidelines:

Edson & Area Events Guidelines

1. All events must be open to the public.

2. All events posted should be located within Edson and area.

3. No events will be posted that may be offensive to the community, such as:

a. events that promote discrimination because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, or sexual orientation / gender;
b. events that incite hatred or harm against identifiable groups or individuals;
c. events that display pornographic or sexually explicit material of any kind;
d. events involving alcohol or tobacco that could be harmful to minors;
e. events that knowingly promote illegal, false or misleading information.

4. Since the volume of local sporting events would overwhelm the usefulness of Edson & Area Events website posting guidelines for local sports events are as follows:

a. All local amateur sport organizations are encouraged to post their (i) tournament / play-off games and (ii) registration days.
b. Local high schools can also post their league games.
c. Drop-in activities may be posted under the “Programming” calendar (ex. Drop-In Adult Co-ed Soccer)

5. Political events: registered political organizations are invited to post local events open to the entire community.

6. Since the volume of local religious events would overwhelm the usefulness of the Edson & Area Events website, posting guidelines for local religious events are as follows:

a. Religious groups are invited to post special events open to the entire community — i.e. events open to non-members beyond regular worship events.

7. Event organizers are responsible for checking the accuracy of their event information. Calendar partners do not verify all posted information.

8. Community events: Recurring community events will generally not be posted unless an individual event offers something beyond regular events.

9. The calendar partners are not liable, in any way, for any potential loss, damage or injury related to the content, correct or incorrect, on this website.

10. The partners of the Edson & Area Events website do not necessarily endorse all posted events.

11. The partners of the Edson & Area Events website reserve the right to refuse or delete any event in the public interest, at any time, without notification, explanation or remuneration.

12. The Town of Edson, the Galloway Station Museum, and the Edson and District Public Library are active operating partners of the the Edson and Area Events website. Shell is a monetary sponsor only.

13. We reserve the right to accept or reject the any submitted events. All events are evaluated by the Edson & Area Events Calendar’s participating partners based on all criteria contained within these terms of service. If you have any questions about events postings, please feel free to contact us.

14. You may attach any image to your event providing you hold all copyrights or have the permission of the copyright holder. Valid image formats are jpg, png, and gif.

Posting to the Edson and Area Events website indicates a full understanding and acceptance of all guidelines.

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