Historical and hilarious!
Did you know that Edson and area has an important historical connection to Wilfrid ‘Wop’ May AND aviation history!
Brought to you by the Edson and District Historical Society and Accidental Humour Co., The Flying Detective is an amazing two act play based on historical events that brings Wop May, James Campbell and the chase of a century to life!
The Flying Detective is also playing at the Edmonton Fringe Festival as a one act play, and will be touring Alberta as a two act after the performances in Edson!

This play is only one part of the celebration of the first aerial police chase in Canadian history.

Get your tickets for one of the three performances in Edson at the Red Brick Arts Centre today!

Tickets available at the Galloway Station Museum and Thymes Two.
Call the Museum at 780-723-5696 for more information.

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