December 16, 2014 @ 7:00 pm
Red Brick Arts Centre
4818 7 Avenue
Edson, AB T7E 1K8
Anne Auriat

‘Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story’ Coming to Jasper, Hinton, Edson and Yellowhead County

If we all love food, why are we throwing nearly 50% of it away?

When filmmakers and food lovers Jen and Grant decide to quit grocery shopping cold
turkey to see if they can survive only on foods that would otherwise be thrown away,
they thought the biggest challenge would be finding enough to eat. As they dive –
literally – into the issue of food waste from farm, through retail, to the back of their own
fridge, what they find is shocking.

From the talented filmmaking duo that brought us the award-winning documentary The
Clean Bin Project, Jen Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin of Peg Leg Films will be in
Edson  and Jasper in person to present their new film Just Eat It: A Food Waste
Story. They will be at the Jasper Recreation Center on Monday December 15th at
7pm and In Edson at the Red Brick Theatre on Tues, December 16th at 7pm.  At the
Edson filming refreshments and snacks will be available after the presentation.

These events are sponsored by: Talisman Energy, Edson and District Recycling Society,
West Yellowhead Recycles and the Jasper Environmental Stewardship Program which
is jointly funded by Parks Canada and the Municipality of Jasper. Just Eat It: A Food
Waste Story will also be presented  to several schools throughout our region, including:
Jasper High School, Harry Collinge High School in Hinton, Holy Redeemer High School
in Edson and Grand Trunk High School in Evansburg.

“The scale of food waste is tragic. We encountered dumpsters of unspoiled food,
thousands of dollars of perfectly good organic chocolate, and that’s just scraping the
surface,” says producer and subject, Jen Rustemeyer. “It doesn’t matter how sustainably
something is grown if it doesn’t get eaten.”
In a nation where one out of ten people are food insecure, our systemic obsession with
expiry dates, perfect produce and portion sizes has led to unfathomable waste. A
smorgasbord of cinematic visuals, Just Eat It juxtaposes lush farmers’ fields with
strangely compelling images of squandered groceries, making Grant and Jen’s
discoveries of the scale of food waste all the more appalling.

Featuring interviews with TED lecturer Tristram Stuart, food waste expert Dana
Gunders, and acclaimed author Jonathan Bloom, Just Eat It, which has already picked
up its first festival award, challenges viewers to go beyond the organic food conversation
and open our eyes to a seemingly insignificant issue that is having devastating
consequences around the globe.

Just Eat It was directed and edited by Grant Baldwin, produced by Jen Rustemeyer and
executive produced by Melanie Wood. Written by Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer.
Just Eat It had its world premiere at Hot Docs 2014 where it won the award for Emerging
Canadian Filmmaker. It is being broadcast on BC’s Knowledge Network in November
For more information and to view the trailer, visit: http://foodwastemovie.com/

Just Eat it

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